The Isle of Mull is most probably the best and most densely populated area for otters in the UK, although they are technically a fresh water species, they live along the coast and the state of the tide (a low incoming tide) is a big factor in discovering these endearing creatures.

Mull also has lochs and rivers that are home to the brown trout, sea trout, salmon and rainbow trout, the odd eel and perch also exist.  There are freshwater pearl mussels on Mull too.

Some of the most spectacular creatures of all are the marine creatures, with grey and common seals being of similar size to the native otters.But the cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) which can be elusive in the oceans and seas of the world, are here in abundance and the Isle of Mulls sea waters provide great opportunities for sitting’s. There are many operators offering boat trips to see these wonderful creatures but there are also many headlands on the island that provide a great vantage point too.

Harbour porpoise and bottlenose dolphins are in our waters throughout the year, the porpoise live in family groups and are often present in loch Scridain (Tiroran is on the north shore of this loch with a private beach) minke whales are here from April to September and up to 65 regulars have been spotted over the years, distinguishable from the marks on their dorsal fins, we also have groups ofcommon dolphins and risso’s dolphins (between May and September).

The tour operators we recommend for a whale watching trip are :

Sea Life Surveys

Turus Mara Boat Trips

Robert Barlow