(Please see our Staffa page for more information about Puffin colonies and the puffin breeding season here on our surrounding Trishnish Islands).
Aside from our spectacular Sea Eagles there are many species of wild birds and birds of prey.
The Golden Eagles nest in the mountainous parts of the island, Buzzards are common, kestrels, peregrine falcons and hen harriers are regularly spotted, sparrowhawks and goshawks are widespread and increasing. Barn owls, long eared owls and tawny owls are all resident and in the breeding season short eared owls hunt the moors in the Glen leading to the south of the island – and merlin and osprey pass through on their migration.
Corncrakes were once nearing extinction but in 2010 there were around 34 calling males on Iona and approximately 10 spotted on Mull so these numbers are increasing.
Wading birds include curlew, redshank ringed plover lapwing, snipe, oystercatchers common sandpipers golden plover, greenshank, turnstone, sanderling, dunlin, and bar tailed godwit.
Red breasted merganser, eider and mallard are present all year on the island and teal, widgeon, goldeneye slavonian grebe and goosander are more present in the winter.
Diver birds include great northern diver, shags and cormorants, and every corner or bay has a heron.
The Mute swan breeds in sheltered areas of the sea and freshwater, there are many types of geese too, including the barnacle geese during their migration. There are typical gulls, common and artic terns, guillemots, kittiwakes and shearwaters that can all be seen off shore.
There are numerous garden birds too including finches, warblers, robins, tits, thrushes and even our own spectacular flock of yellow hammers – All these birds and many more have been spotted from the grounds and gardens of our hotel
In order to see as many species as possible we would highly recommend a wildlife trip with Bryan Rains at Wild about Mull –www.wildaboutmull.co.uk – 01681 704229