Iona Beach

The Isle of Mull has some of the most famous beaches in the UK – some are glorious sandy beaches, some are more traditional stone and shingle and many are of the same the basalt colums of Ireland’s Giant’s Causeway – All are stunningly beautiful with equally stunning sea and land scenery surrounding them – all are magical and many of the sandy beaches rival those of the Caribbean.


Here are a few :

Calgary Beach

North of the island, this is possibly one of the largest white sandy beaches on the island with ruined settlements, Iron Age forts and white sand, with a coffee shop, public loos and gallery.

Uisken Beach

On the east side of the Ross of Mull and one of the most beautifully long and wide beaches on the island with ancient cairns facing towards the Irish shores, in memory of those who died in the Celtic battles but could not be returned home, these warriors were buried with their feet facing home. A beach steeped in atmosphere and beauty.

Laggan Sands

A beautifully sweeping curved beach of white sand voted in the Guardian as the 9th most popular beach in the UK for wildlife spotting, close to the settlement of Lochbuie which is a beautiful and remote part of the East coast of the island.

Knockvologan Beach

On the south of the Ross of Mull (opposite Tiroran) and close to Fionnphort (heading to Iona) The island of Erraid can be accessed at low tide and Robert Louis Stevenson was inspired by this beautiful beach when he wrote his famous work ‘Kidnapped’

Kilvickeon Beach

Another wonderful beach on the south side of the island, heading to Bunessan and near Scoor, there are many sandy coves on this beach and there is a tidal island called Eilean – a stunning and beautiful beach

Fidden Beach

On the Ross of Mull with pink granite outcrops where the seals bask in the sunon the white sand and beautiful sunsets are a regular treat.

Black Beach

Close to Torloisk on the west side of the island, this is a very secluded beach and possibly less well known that some so you have every chance of being the only visitors.  Again stunning.

Ardalanish Beach

Truly a beach that could rival any in the Caribbean on a sunny day, and again, on the south side of the island(the Ross of Mull) this beach is only accessible by foot this beach could be visited on the same day as Uisken Beach as it is about half a mile walk near Ardalanish Weavers Farm and visitors centre.